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Connected Canadians is a registered non-profit organization.

We depend on the support of volunteers and the generosity of sponsors.


Smartphones for Seniors

Funds will be used to provide economically disadvantaged seniors with smartphones (and tablets) that are easier to use and support.

From our trials, we observed that this makes the most direct positive impact in seniors’ lives, as modern devices are more secure, accessible and convenient to use.

Studies that show that a significant gap in modern device ownership when it comes to senior age groups.

Smartphone Ownership


Digitally Empowered Senior Citizens

Seniors are the most involved in social causes, and a fast growing demographic of our communities. We need to empower them to have an identity and voice in our ever-expanding digital communities.

These funds will facilitate in generating quality curriculum content geared towards seniors and their caregivers. We are currently working on a train-the-trainer model so we can exponentially increase the impact of this program.

Distribution of top volunteers by age

Connected Canadians-Connected Canadians to Host Launch Party Nov

Outreach Activities

Remaining relevant and engaged in the community will continue to catalyze our momentum. These funds help out in engaging with volunteering and seniors throughout the communities in an effective manner. For example,

  • Liability insurance coverage ($1200/yr) will enable our volunteers to visit seniors homes which will significantly increase our outreach.

  • $100/active volunteers allows us to retrain our A+ volunteers