Connected Canadians

our mission:


We connect older adults with technology training and support.


Our Mandate

We are a nonprofit organization that promotes digital literacy skills amongst older adults by providing free technology training and support. We believe that all people should be empowered to use technology safely and effectively to help them engage with loved ones and enhance their quality of life.

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Our Programs

Through a combination of one-on-one support, instructor-led workshops, and web-based resources we provide customized approaches, free of charge, to promote digital literacy skills.


Customized 1:1 Training sessions

A client support specialist will lead an initial needs assessment meeting to identify main gaps and goals. After this, a client support specialist will work with the client to meet their short and long term technology learning goals (e.g FaceTime/Skype/Email training).


Instructor-led Workshops

Retirement community administrators, community groups, churches or caregivers can contact Connected Canadians to inquire about booking one or more of our workshops, including: Staying Safe on the Internet: How to Spot Phishing and other Scams and Troubleshooting Common Computer Problems: What 5 Things Should You Try First?  Workshops can hold 5-7 people.

Online Resources

Connected Canadians is continually working with subject matter experts to build up our own carefully curated knowledge base of FAQs, articles and videos to help Canadians wherever they are located. 


Sponsorship Program

Help Connected Canadians continue to be able to provide FREE services for seniors in need. Donate today!


Get Involved

Are you passionate about digital literacy and helping people? Are you curious to learn how you can improve your own digital literacy skills, or those of one someone you care about? Let's chat!



From the basics to more advanced topics, our 1:1s and workshops are there to help you and your loved ones.


Are you "good with computers"? Do you like helping people, and have time to spare? We'd love to hear from you!


Would you like to make a difference in the life of someone where digital literacy skills could help them feel less isolated?