Our Programs



A client support specialist will lead an initial needs assessment session to identify main gaps and goals. After this, a client support specialist will work with the client to meet their short and long term technology learning goals.

One-on-ones are normally 60-90 mins in length, unless they are more frequent “mini” sessions, which can be 45 minutes in length.

Examples of topics covered include:

  • Setting up and using email (including how to send photos)

  • How to video chat (e.g FaceTime / Skype)

  • Using a virus checker (PC only)

  • Communicating by text using your phone

  • Using a public computer safely

  • Facebook/YouTube basics

  • How the Internet can help you cook

  • Music and the Internet


Regular or Mini 1:1 Sessions -

Based on volunteer availability, these are usually held outside of business hours (eg. after 6pm / on weekends)


Workplace Volunteering Program Sessions

These sessions are typically 45 minutes in length, and are geared to volunteers who are using employer-sponsored volunteer hours. To learn how your workplace team can mentor seniors in technology at a nearby retirement residence, contact Connected Canadians using the Learn More button on the right.


Workplace Volunteer Program Sessions -

Monday - Friday, business hours



Retirement home administrators, community groups, churches or caregivers can contact Connected Canadians to inquire about booking one or more workshops. Workshops can hold 5-7 people, and are normally 60-90 mins in length.

Workshops include: 

  • Staying Safe on the Internet: How to Spot Phishing and other Scams

  • Troubleshooting Common Computer Problems: What 5 Things Should You Try First? (Mac and PC versions available).

  • Facebook and YouTube Overview


Mornings or Afternoons


Coming Soon: Certification Programs

Would you like to obtain more formal training in order to act as a Connected Canadians Certified Instructor or Support Specalist? We provide training programs with practical experience for those who wish to help build up digital literacy skills in their communities.

  • Connected Canadians Certified Volunteer Instructor (5 hours of course-based training, 10 hours of practical experience)

  • Connected Canadians Certified Support Specialist (5 hours of course-based training or equivalent experience, 10 hours of phone or video conference based support)


Morning, Afternoon + Online Component



Connected Canadians is continually working with subject matter experts to build up our own carefully curated knowledge base of FAQs, articles and videos to help Canadians wherever they are located. 

Check out the Knowledge Base section of our site using the menu at the top of the page, if you'd like to contribute by asking a question or contributing some content, contact us.