What is your Screening / onboarding process?

This depends on what kind of volunteer you are. We have four types of volunteers, as listed below.

For all volunteer applicants wishing to work with seniors, the first two steps are the same:

1. You must apply online at, supplying your statement of interest (why you want to volunteer with us).

2. You must complete a vulnerable sector check (free with a letter from Connected Canadians) and return the result to

Please continue reading to learn more about the rest of the onboarding process, depending on your role.

General Tech Volunteers

These are volunteers that help seniors on their own time, either during workshops or 1:1 sessions, usually on weekends or in evenings.

·      Upon receipt of the vulnerable sector check (see above), a call or meeting will be scheduled by the Connected Canadians Team to speak with you about you, as well as your ongoing schedule and availability.

·      You will be invited to a 2-hour group onboarding session where you will learn about what it means to volunteer for Connected Canadians (note that this step and the last one can be combined – many volunteers prefer to meet before/after the group onboarding session)

·      You will have a final practical assessment where you will meet with one of our Senior Volunteers for a one-on-one screening session. They will evaluate your ability to problem-solve and teach, as well as your personal manner with them, and relay that feedback to the Connected Canadians Team, to confirm your suitability for the role.

Workplace Sponsored Volunteers

These are volunteers that help seniors on company-sponsored volunteer hours, usually during their own work day. This is typically limited to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Workshops, where volunteers will spend time with seniors in a group setting in a “first come, first served” type of tech support format.

·      We rely on volunteers to apply the via website, providing their statement of interest, and upon receipt of the vulnerable sector check, for ongoing workplace volunteers, we request that their direct manager confirm with Connected Canadians that the candidate is indeed a suitable candidate to volunteer in this capacity with seniors. For one-off events, we require workplace volunteers to confirm that their manager is aware of and approves of them participating.

·      Before the first BYOD workshop, volunteers will have a short (40 minute) overview of what to expect lead by the Connected Canadians Team, and go over any safety considerations.

Admin / Office Volunteers

These are volunteers that assist with phone calls, volunteer management and scheduling, feedback collection, and more. Upon receipt of the vulnerable sector check, one of the Connected Canadians Team will meet to interview you and determine your best fit within the organization.

Non-Client Facing Volunteers

This category includes all volunteers who do not directly assist seniors, eg. Graphic Design / Copy Editing / Translation Volunteers.  We do not require a vulnerable sector check for these individuals, however we do still require that the volunteer declare a statement of interest/intent by applying online at